a world of open doors

this is my first post so i wanted to write a short excerpt about what to expect from this blog!

if you’re reading this, at any point of time, thank you for listening to my words.

as someone who writes constantly, i thought of creating a space where i can share my thoughts with the world-unfiltered and honestly. so, here we are!

i hope to one day publish a book of poetry and prose, but until then, i will publish articles on here. ramblings about my life, my experiences whether that be in college, how the world interacts with me, what its like being on the spectrum, or an in depth look at my jobs and passions.

this blog will be a mix of poetry, many posts relating to the disability community (as my main goal is to spread acceptance and understanding of the diverse human condition we are all apart of), managing struggles and hardships, and possibly an advice/answer column if people send me questions!

coffee and neurodiversity has joined the internet everybody!

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