two thousand eighteen

in exactly sixteen days, it will be two thousand and eighteen. and as someone who either mind maps into the future or journeys into the past, the idea of time is equally amusing and fearful to me.

looking back at this year, i have achieved so much, changed so much, and failed so much. and yet, this year was the best year of my life.

i will try to remain short on this past year, as right now i am full focus on the present and the future.

two thousand seventeen fitted into a bunch of dots:

  1. getting denied to ALL of my dream colleges.
  2. deciding on going to UW- Stevens Point. a small college in the middle of farm-country nowhere.
  3. working multiple caregiving jobs while in my senior year of high school.
  4. growing in confidence and self acceptance
  5. getting fairly good grades for the first time
  6. graduating, something i never thought i would do.
  7. going to california for the first time to work a summer camp for people with disabilities
  8. getting seven badass tattoos
  9. making some incredible new friends
  10. taking a semester off starting college
  11. getting my official diagnosis and finding my first good therapist
  12. working four jobs and working full time as a caregiver and life mentor for some wonderful boys with disabilities
  13. deciding on going to UW-Milwaukee in 2018
  14. becoming the happiest, most self aware version of myself.

and now here we are, about to start into 2018. next month, I’ll be moving into my first and very own apartment, starting college as a special education major, continuing to work my four jobs, and learning independence.

so, 2018 is definitely going to be an adventure and I have no clue where this journey is going to take me, how many mountains im going to have to push over, and how much I am going to grow. but man, i am beyond excited (and afraid) to find out.

two thousand eighteen, my name is jessica and i am ready for all you have in store for me. its gonna be tough, college is going to be a battle of social difficulties, sensory overloads, and a bunch of new experiences. learning to manage school and get needed accommodations is going to be confusing. balancing time and changing my routine is going to be challenging. and i can’t wait for all of it.

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