something’s gotta give

i knew exactly what i wanted this post to be about but i couldn’t think of a title. then, i was walking through Walmart and saw a title of a movie called “something’s gotta give”. personally, the movie sounded terrible but the title really resonated with me.

something’s always gotta give in this world, make that “something”- you. be the giving everyone around you needs. we’re all bound to bend and break, be the person to see someone’s shattering and give them their pieces back. fill the world with that compassion.

today, i went to the college graduation of my dear friend and family member. the thing is though, he wasn’t able to attend his own graduation because he passed away this summer. now, a lot of people would find this very sad and depressing. and inherently, it is. but on a deeper level, it was a time for celebration, for joy, for passion to come out of the woodwork. because this man, this 22 year old man, did more than anyone would have ever expected from him. he filled the hearts of everyone he met. he spread his compassion everywhere and worked to change the world through changing the environment and changing people. he spread so much love into the world and worked so ¬†tirelessly at his passions that we are celebrating and awarding his achievements beyond the grave. every day, countless people are remembering him in a positive and uplighting light. and isn’t that what life is all about? leaving a positive impact on this world.

i watched everyone graduate with tear-filled eyes, out of pure happiness for these strangers working with their passions towards something bigger and thats beautiful. i don’t know the percentage of these people that will use their passions for good, but man–I’m sure some will do so much good with theirs that makes up for all the rest.

this just made me think and contemplate a lot. I rarely feel moments of self-pride but today I did, because i sat in this audience of thousands of people and i knew I was one of the lucky ones–one that found their passion and is going to change the world with it. I haven’t even started college yet, but im working hard on making a change every single day.

so this your reminder, to give something back. to spread your love into the world. to find your passion and let it drive you. for everything you receive, give back immense gratitude. if someone shows you hate, share your love with five more. be grateful, always. even when the world has you on your knees begging for it all to stop spinning, thank the floor for giving you a place to weep.

more than anything, be that positive light.

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