a love letter to growth.

i took a step away from this outlet for the summer. when last semester ended, i felt genuinely content. but throughout the summer and currently, i feel such a greater sense of peace and happiness than i think i have felt before. 

a constant stream of growth throughout these years? i am quite grateful.

so this isn’t a shout into the void, it’s a gentle and slow “thank you” to the universe and how it connects little pieces to each other.

so, here’s my love letter to the universe and the past few sweet months:

this summer has brought me so much gratitude, joy, and admiration for the world and it’s inhabitants. i have grown in my beliefs and understandings of the earth and it’s spinning. my appreciation of my career path and the wonderful individuals it constantly blesses me with fuels my ambition. the young humans i work and connect with remind me of my younger self and how i need to heal the wounds left on my childish spirit—gently and with radical self-empathy. the kiddos have given me a greater purpose and one has even become a younger brother to me, fulfilling the inner wishes of a chosen, autistic family. i have been exhausted, working myself dry yet allowing myself to soak up the riches in the sleepy eyelids and quiet moments let for self reflection. i have learned breaks are essential to moving forward and simple acts of kindness comfort more souls than one. we are all connected by a similar thread, being pulled and tangled, sometimes yanked and gone flat—but never broken. we are humans, undoubtedly flawed but ever connected through the red yarn. i realized my path and my passion do not have to remain a straight line, but rather—a web of commingled ideas and values, stretching me into countless new horizons and endless opportunities for change. i have the ability to grace society into a more compassionate, less ableist structure and i will use that strength to move systemic walls and bookshelves. i know many people will not understand me, will see difference and judge me with closed eyes and closed fists but i will remain ever-seeing with open and wanting hands. there will also be people who can see my energy, view my colors through their own glasses and see the similarities in our hearts. those people, are worth waiting for. i am learning, always. this is my reminder of that.

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