when the sun reached its highest point.

Its a Friday, I think. I haven’t updated on here in a long while. I could update my life in a chronological order of everything important that’s happened, but that sounds boring and I’ve given up measuring my life in ordinary milestones that hold nothing but societal meaning to me.

So here’s the past however long, in moments that hold joy and abundance to me. Pictures I don’t want to forget.

I road-tripped across the country with my best friend. Dyed my hair green. Then blue. Sat on a mountain. Went to a Buddhist tea-shop. I trekked back to my favorite place in the world–Santa Cruz, CA. Worked at the most magical camp again in the breath-taking Red Wood mountains. Reunited with old friends. Met new souls that quickly became my family. Laid in the back of a pick-up as it went 110mph down the twirling mountain roads (the best sensory experience of my life!)  Learned new definitions of love. Bonded for life with campers and cuddled endlessly with goats. Started dating my best friend–the now happiest, most joyful relationship of my life. Attempted to skate. Managed to not fall once at the skate park. Ate a lot of sushi. Bought Tarot cards but still unsure of how to use them. Danced with my now-partner under the starlight, counted shooting stars together–fell completely, whole-heartedly into love. Gross. Ate 13 edibles with friends and went to another realm that night. Enjoyed lotsa authentic British cuppas from my English pals. Carried a random snake I found down by the river. Turns out, it was poisonous but it didn’t bite me–I am Mother Nature. Saw the foggy sunrise on the beach. Binged Stranger things in the middle of the night in the forest with a British friend. Realized people care about me. A Lot. Did a yoga class. Enjoyed a yoga class. Smoked under the stars. Realized I love astrology. How minuscule we all are. How incredible it is to have ended up in the same place as your soul mates–platonic and romantic, in such a immense galaxy. Got matching tattoos with my soul brother, on my ass. Was reminded of how important it is to chase the things that make you happy. And how things that are meant for you, require less chasing than you’d think.

Now, I’m back in the Midwest. I find myself lonely here, as if I left a piece of my heart back  out on the West Coast. To be honest, I did. But how lucky am I, that I have an existence full of things worth missing. People across the country and the world–who love me. The infinite is in my reach. My gratitude for that stretches across the sky. I hold it in my palms on the sad days.

These little experiences have shaped my life into what it is now. My journey is an interesting one, at least. Rough, but wonderful.

One Reply to “when the sun reached its highest point.”

  1. With a couple of paragraphs I was taken through a whole novel of love, laughter, heartache, joy! Make me determined to get out west and see my first redwood!


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